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2009 chief of a tribe of couplet of the 16th A (enlighten do obeisance to) inter
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Exhibit meeting name: 2009 chief of a tribe of couplet of the 16th A (enlighten do obeisance to) international oil, natural gas and petrifaction technology exhibition (Ogs)

Extend meeting time: In December 2009 4-6 day

Exhibit meeting site: A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to an international exhibition center

Content of item on display:

▲ mechanical equipment: Wildcat, drill, solder, oilcan equipment, case heavy, hoisting, litre fall, heat preservation, refrigeration, ventilated, remote control is monitored, maintenance, maintain wait for equipment; Dynamo, cheer machine of machine of machine, pumping unit, turbine, turbine, turbine, impeller to wait for machinery; Equipment of valve, pump, compressor, fan, empty cent, vacuum equipment, jack, boiler, forge, pressure vessel, power supply of product of explosion proof of cooling machine, flange, conduit, tube and its link unit, industry, industry, dynamoelectric and deferent device reachs his to assemble, reach equipment of all sorts of form a complete set and chemical machinery to wait

▲ instrument appearance: Inductor of transformer, stabilizer, logger, filter, temperature, measure metric instrument, screen pack, screen mesh to wait

▲ technology serves: Survey, mapping, abstraction, extract, purificatory, detached, liquefacient, solder, pressure is delivered detect, quality detects, contaminative control defends, the technology such as control of discharge velocity of flow; Computer data manages; Oil depot project, electric project, project is advisory; Safe, call the police, affection of critical stop work, danger protection of circuitry of control, operation process control, conduit, fire control calls the police the system such as safety of equipment, industry and labor protecting material, experiment and imitate.

▲ other: Product of all oil, natural gas; Artesian well platform, steely framework; Insulating material; Indicator material.

Exhibition data: Exhibited 2008 the meeting is mutual come from 42 countries and area ginseng of many 400 enterprise is exhibited, come from Germany, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, England, China, Russia, France, United States, Japan respectively, chief of a tribe of couplet of Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Greek, New Zealand, Kuwait, A, Korea, Wukelan, Canada, India, Norwegian, Belgian, Oman, south Africa, Iran. Drew 50 many countries, more than 6000 come from the oil exploration, abstraction, treatment, major that store and carries a territory the ginseng that register meets the public figure, included middle east the most important production manufacturer of all oil and natural gas industry.

Contact means:

Contact: Xu Hui

Phone: (010) 51654222-821 13552837912


Address: South garden of manna of area of Beijing rising sun in 25 international are achieved exhibit a center 1007 rooms

Round-the-world international is exhibited to show limited company in Beijing
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