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2009 exhibition of oil of international of Si Tan of the 17th Kazakstan, natural
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Exhibit meeting name: 2009 exhibition of oil of international of Si Tan of the 17th Kazakstan, natural gas

Extend meeting time: On October 7, 2009- - 10 days

Exhibit meeting site: A of Kazakstan Si Tan pulls wood to pursue

Exhibit meeting general situation:

2009 exhibition of oil of international of Si Tan of the 17th Kazakstan, natural gas by the world group of ITE of England of orgnaization of the 2nd big exhibition is sponsorred, got department of energy of Kazakstan Si Tan and national Petroleum Company support energetically, already developed in becoming inferior the area is the the biggest, most influential exhibition of the oil of force, natural gas, oil gas of Kazakstan Si Tan is resourceful, in system of advanced Russia state, oil gas reserves is next to Russia, as in recent years the development policy of the oil gas resource of Kazakstan Si Tan, the good progress of the relation is breathed out in reaching, china is opened in the market that breath out went up to obtain very good result, breath out the tremendous progress latent capacity of oil gas industry, also reach petrifaction equipment to produce an enterprise to export market of Kazakstan Si Tan to create superexcellent chance to Chinese oil, natural gas

Limits of item on display:

Mechanical equipment: Wildcat, drill, solder, oilcan equipment, case heavy, hoisting, litre fall, heat preservation, refrigeration, ventilated, remote control is monitored, maintenance, maintain wait for equipment; Dynamo, cheer machine of machine, turbine machine, turbine, turbine, impeller to wait for machinery; Equipment of valve, pump, compressor, fan, empty cent, vacuum equipment, jack, boiler, forge, pressure vessel, power supply of product of explosion proof of cooling machine, flange, conduit, tube and its link unit, industry, industry, dynamoelectric and deferent device reachs his to assemble, reach the instrument appearance such as equipment of all sorts of form a complete set and chemical machinery: Inductor of transformer, stabilizer, logger, filter, temperature, measure metric instrument, screen pack, screen mesh to wait

The technology serves: Survey, mapping, abstraction, extract, purificatory, detached, liquefacient, solder, pressure is delivered detect, quality detects, contaminative control defends, the technology such as control of discharge velocity of flow; Computer data manages; Oil depot project, electric project, project is advisory; Safe, call the police, affection of critical stop work, danger protection of circuitry of control, operation process control, conduit, fire control calls the police the system such as safety of equipment, industry and labor protecting material, experiment and imitate

Other: Product of all oil, petrifaction, natural gas; Artesian well platform, steely framework; Insulating material; Indicator material

Contact means: Round-the-world international is exhibited to show limited company in Beijing
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