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2009 the 20th latin america (Venezuela) exhibition of international oil, natural
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Extend meeting time: On June 17, 2009- - 19 days

Exhibit meeting site: Venezuela horse pulls a wave

Exhibit meeting general situation:

2008 the 19th latin america (Venezuela) exhibition of international oil, natural gas held water 1990, it is latin america the most large-scale reach the oil industry grand meeting with the longest history, the ginseng that there are many 400 come from 18 countries such as Venezuela, United States, Germany, Canada, Mexico, China during the 18th exhibition 2007 exhibited business to attend to exhibit meeting, ginseng exhibit professional audience to come from the equipment of America nation oil such as Venezuela, Brazil, United States, Mexico, Colombia to purchase the many territories such as professional of business, technology, statistical number reachs 12350 people, this exhibition also is Venezuela business of demand of main oil equipment----Equipment of oil of Venezuela country Petroleum Company is appointed purchase platform.

Market analysis:

Venezuela is the Western Hemisphere the ascertain oil reserves that country of the biggest groovy oil deposit has is 77.8 billion pails (do not include particularly heavy qualitative oil and bitumen reserve) . Venezuela has 4 main deposit basins: Maracaibo basin, Falcon basin, Apure basin and Oriental basin. API spends the petrolic that these basins produce to all be less than 20 degrees, this makes the groovy oil that Venezuela produces is compared with international standard photograph attach most importance to qualitative crude oil. It is mature that considering these basins a lot of medium oil fields tend, crop gives now to fall posture, PDVSA of Venezuela country Petroleum Company already planned to be in 2004—2009 year a crop that invests 26 billion dollar to increase existing wildcat, will develop new blame groovy and special heavy qualitative crude oil and natural gas resource.

Limits of item on display:

Mechanical equipment: Platform of equipment of oil drilling rig, wildcat, off shore equipment, off shore, solder technology and equipment, separate facility, oilcan equipment, have heavy equipment, hoisting equipment, sealed, anticorrosive, heat preservation, ventilated facility, litre fall equipment of sound of equipment, content, remote control is monitored;

Instrument appearance: Inductor of valve, transformer, temperature, stabilizer, logger, filter, measure instrument, aerometer to measure appearance, flange to wait;

Other: Screen pack, screen mesh, steely framework, safe system, call the police affection of protection system of route of system of control of process of system, operation, conduit, experiment and imitate system, danger controls chemistry of system, oil field platform of system of agent, critical stop work, artesian well, oil

Contact an unit: Round-the-world international is exhibited to show limited company in Beijing

South garden of manna of area of Beijing rising sun in 25 1007 rooms 100025
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