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2009 congress of natural gas of the 24th world (exhibition)
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One. Place: Si Aili of Nuo of friendship of cloth of ⒏  ? this (La Rural Exhibition &Conference Center)
2. Time: 29 years on October 5 - 9 days (5 days)
3. Sponsor square introduction: Billows fines silk?International Gas Union-IGU) of  of melt yellow  held water 1931. It is the world it is the most important to go up, each about natural gas industry domains inside the limits of bound of working Fu matchless that the most authoritative international the sources of energy organizes one of.IGU (go up. In. Downstream) . Reach natural gas industry but durative development. Reach relevant develop produce. LNG. Hold this in Argentina. Particular operation is operated by Argentine National Committee.
4. Exhibition brief introduction (WEC) : Congress of natural gas of world of exhibition of world top energy resources (exhibition) hold 3 every years. End current had been the 24th, every time the person that congress attracts the outstanding expert that comes from the whole world and thousands of ginseng to meet. By alliance of world natural gas (the plenary meeting of world natural gas that IGU) sponsors (WGC) and congress of world energy resources (WPC) and world oil mass rally (WPC) is eponymous it is current whole world have authority most. Most the conference of energy of 3 big international that enjoys high reputation and exhibition.WGC develop to science and technology and the force inside industrial economy domain is the largest. Current WGC is with its by IGU Argentine member committee is sponsorred. The WGC that previous term or session holds in Holand Amsterdam is very successful. Attracted come from 88 nations of world many 3000 professional audience and industry elite attend the meeting. And those who come from the company of large and famous natural gas of world each district and enterprise to enter an exhibition is clean exhibited an area to also exceed 15000 to make the same score rice. The ginseng of this exhibition exhibits an enterprise to will show current world adequately technology of the most advanced energy and achievement. Reach each the contribution that makes to the development of the industry of world energy resources mixes big company achievement. This is exhibited can have SHELL.BP of the world's famous natural gas company, TOTAL, exxonMobil, qatar Petroleum, gazprom.NIGC(national Iranian Gas Company) , statoil, conoco Philips, petronas, petrobras, gaz De France. Reach the CNPC that comes from China to wait, exhibit business to come from each world nations. Exhibit meeting the corresponding period to still will hold the natural gas technology of highest administrative levels on international and equipment conference and forum. WGC predicted to exhibit an area to be 2009 33000 smooth rice (exhibit an area to be 19000 smooth rice) completely among them. The number that attends plenary meeting will be achieved 3500 to 4000 people. Professional commerce audience will exceed 20 person-time. Its exhibit gross area to exceed congress of WEC(world energy resources far) with) of mass rally of WPC(world oil. Argentine also country of the world's big natural gas reserve. And natural gas of & of famous Argentine oil exhibits this WGC and the biennially that hold in Argentina the meeting is amalgamative hold. Make WGC has dimensions and force more on the history. It is the superexcellent chance of market of Chinese enterprise development South America.
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