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2009 exhibition of Brazilian international oil, natural gas
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Extend meeting time: On June 15, 2009- - 18 days

The exhibition is periodic: 2 years

Exhibit meeting site: Riode Janeiro

Exhibit meeting general situation:

Exhibition of oil of international of Riode Janeiro of the 14th Brazil, natural gas is Brazil and latin america the biggest major is exhibited meeting, held for the first time 1982, two years. Riode Janeiro shows central gross area, indoor area occupies 0 square metre, the smooth ground outdoor is occupied. Ginseng of previous term or session postpones business 800, 30000 smooth rice net area, 21 countries ginseng is exhibited, major sees business 32400 people.

Market analysis:

60 time begin 20 centuries, brazil begins to clutch terrestrial oil exploration and establishment of build oil refining. 70 time suffer the effect of world oil crisis, brazil increased the investment of maritime oil exploration and development, discover large and maritime oil field in succession. 20 centuries 80, 90 time Brazil is accelerated use technology of exploitation of advanced and maritime oil, oil output increases ceaselessly. Up to by 2006, brazilian oil total reserves is eighteen billion one hundred and seventy-four million pails (2.889 billion stere) , among them already the oil reserves that ascertain gets management board of Brazilian nation oil affirms formally twelve billion one hundred and eighty-one million pails (1.936 billion stere) , among them marine oil reserves eleven billion two hundred and seventy-six million pails (1.793 billion stere) , terrestrial oil reserves 905 million pails (143 million stere) . Brazil already reserves of ascertain ocean oil basically is centered in Riode Janeiro city, in all 9.762 billion pails, 86.57% what take countrywide reserve.

Limits of item on display:

Mechanical equipment: Wildcat, drill, solder, oilcan equipment, case heavy, hoisting, litre fall, heat preservation, refrigeration, ventilated, remote control is monitored, maintenance, maintain wait for equipment; Dynamo, cheer machine of machine, turbine machine, turbine, turbine, impeller to wait for machinery; Equipment of valve, pump, compressor, fan, empty cent, vacuum equipment, jack, boiler, forge, pressure vessel, power supply of product of explosion proof of cooling machine, flange, conduit, tube and its link unit, industry, industry, dynamoelectric and deferent device reachs his to assemble, reach equipment of all sorts of form a complete set and chemical machinery to wait

Instrument appearance: Inductor of transformer, stabilizer, logger, filter, temperature, measure metric instrument, screen pack, screen mesh to wait

The technology serves: Survey, mapping, abstraction, extract, purificatory, detached, liquefacient, solder, pressure is delivered detect, quality detects, contaminative control defends, the technology such as control of discharge velocity of flow; Computer data manages; Oil depot project, electric project, project is advisory; Safe, call the police, affection of critical stop work, danger protection of circuitry of control, operation process control, conduit, fire control calls the police the system such as safety of equipment, industry and labor protecting material, experiment and imitate.
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