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2009 Canada (Kaerjiali) exhibition of international oil, natural gas
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Extend meeting time: On June 9, 2009- - 11 days

Exhibit meeting site: Canada Kaerjiali (two years)

Limits of item on display:

Mechanical equipment: Platform of equipment of oil drilling rig, wildcat, off shore equipment, off shore, solder technology and equipment, separate facility, oilcan equipment, have heavy equipment, hoisting equipment, anticorrosive, heat preservation, ventilated facility, litre fall equipment, remote control monitors equipment, refrigeration equipment, maintenance; Cheer equipment.

Instrument appearance: Inductor of pump valve, transformer, temperature, stabilizer, logger, filter, measure instrument, aerometer to measure appearance, flange to wait;

Other: Screen pack, screen mesh, steely framework, safe system, call the police affection of protection system of route of system of control of process of system, operation, conduit, experiment and imitate system, danger controls natural gas of platform of system of system, critical stop work, artesian well, oil

Exhibit meeting general situation:

2009 Canada (Kaerjiali) exhibition of international oil, natural gas and double year exhibit GPS (the 2nd old oil exhibits the whole world) hold alternately, by the world company of well-known DMG of England of organizer of oil gas exhibition is sponsorred, the effect that obtains in view of exhibition is apparent, of 90% exhibit business to be in 2007 exhibited meeting site to all be booked 2009 exhibit an area, and major augment exhibit an area, exhibition dimensions was achieved 2007 postpone business 600, visiting audience 20000, 2009 exhibit meeting dimensions to postpone more than 700 business, audience spot visits 25000 above major, purchase, current exhibiting meeting general is the main platform that you develop North America market.

Special clew: Round-the-world international is exhibited to exhibit limited company to regard exhibition as the total representative in China in Beijing, how did not hold the post of with Chinese churchyard outside serving limited company except business affairs of international of trade of annulus of the couplet in Beijing he exhibits an orgnaization to cooperate this exhibition, ask each ginseng to exhibit an unit to check form a delegation the authenticity of the unit. Develop the demand of the international market in the light of business of industry of Chinese oil natural gas, applied for Chinese zone to show an area to the organizing committee especially 2009, because exhibit an area extraordinary tension, act on sign up to pay first first first distributive principle allocates stall. Rate:

Contact an unit: Round-the-world international is exhibited to show limited company in Beijing

South garden of manna of area of Beijing rising sun in 25 international are achieved exhibit a center 1007 rooms 100025

Contact: Promise

Phone: (010) 51654222-808 13581801600

Fax: (010) 51654111-802

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