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Oil of 2009 Pakistan international, natural gas reachs POGEE of exhibition of th
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Date: 2009-05-18- - 2009-05-21
Address: Kalaji exhibits a center
Contact person: Li Faxing
Connect a telephone call: 010-63317650
Fax: 010-63317663
Be subordinate to of limited company of classics international exhibition belongs to Chinese machinery in external head office of economic technology collaboration, be classics former outside approve via trade department have the professional company that is engaged in showing professional work domestic and internationally. Come for years, my company insists to be the market meticulously to pave a road with “ all the time, sincere desire builds bridge ” to be management concept to the businessman, for company product trend international market provides excellent service.
In be being reached to promote our country business circles and Pakistan inferior the classics trade collaboration of business circles and technical communication, develop Pakistan market further, enlarge exit of our country commodity, classics approval, my firm joins constituent home company in May 2009 18---21 days are sponsorred by Pegasus company, oil of international of the 7th Pakistan, natural gas reachs the “2009 that in Pakistan Kalaji exhibits a center to hold ” of exhibition of the sources of energy.
Exhibition of Pakistan international oil gas held water 2003, grow through development of 6 years, in been become inferior the industrial distinguished gathering with very main area. Should exhibit can annual high speed to grow impetus, showed Pakistan adequately to invest latent capacity in huge of energy industry respect. POGEE2009 will be one collects the industry leader that comes from world each district, expert, show equipment of machinery of oil gas industry and relevant skill, those who strengthen each cooperative communication is medium inferior grand meeting. POGEE2009 will pull strange city deputy mayor to be chaired personally by card, predicting meeting has the ginseng of many 300 enterprise that comes from more than 35 countries to exhibit, in 4 days exhibit in the meeting, visiting audience predicts to be able to exceed 10000 people. This is exhibited meeting 2009 of 65% meeting accumulating was exhibited 2008 be booked namely on the meeting.
Pakistan is medium inferior national the sources of energy carries a center, also be one of core markets of China and India. Pakistan is undertaking in concentrated force quantity the sources of energy is produced now, transmit wait for a respect of relevant equipment update. Carry out the diversification that natural gas supplies for example, undertake establishment of water and electricity is built, the construction of facilities of storage of subterranean oil gas, increase petrolic exploration and exploitation strength, attract international investment to reach undertake state-owned asset is changed demesne etc. The geographical advantage with located Pakistan and home's extensive oil gas energy resources develops construction, exhibit those who be POGEE business and audience to offer very rare business chance.
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