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Coal aerification lights gas steam to generate electricity circularly jointly (I
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1.IGCC technology brief introduction
Coal aerification lights gas steam to generate electricity circularly jointly (namely the Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle in English generates electricity means, abbreviation IGCC) , it is the cleanness that is raw material with coal, efficient and advanced hair electric system, this kind of system is comfortable still produce aether of heating power and liquid fuel methanol, 2 armour, acetic acid, carbonic acid at couplet the product of coal chemical industry such as 2 armour ester.
IGCC is the advanced power system that integrates coal aerification technology and efficient combination circularly. It divides composition by two greater part, namely the aerification of coal and purify part and burn gas - vapour generates electricity circularly jointly part. The main facility of the first part has aerification furnace, sky to divide device, gas purifying device (those who include sulfur reclaim device) , the main facility of the 2nd part has gas turbine to generate electricity system, more than heat boiler, steam turbine generates electricity system. The process of IGCC is as follows: Coal classics aerification is become in low calorific value is gas, the course is purified, eliminate is gas the contaminant such as medium sulfide, nitride, dust, turn into clean aeriform fuel, the firebox that sends gas turbine next burns, add steam system work to light gas turbine to do work with drive character, gas turbine exhaust enters more than heat boiler to heat water supply, steam turbine of drive of generation overheat vapour does work.
2.Foreign IGCC technology develops
2.1 Europe IGCC develops essentials.
Germany overcame a power station to join movement in the Si Di of Lunen 1972 the demonstrative power station of the first IGCC, those who use is the Lu Ji furnace with backward technology, move very abnormal, set an example moving prove an abortion. Mix by 1993 1996, the Puertollano of Dutch Buggenum and Spain builds early or late and cast those who carried two net power are 253MW and 300MW respectively is pure with generating electricity the IGCC of the target sets an example power station, pass and set an example to move and be debugged in great quantities for years, gain a success eventually, the design that they are IGCC power station and move accumulated a lot of valuable experience. Technology of after this IGCC is applied very quickly at refinery and chemical enterprise in Europe, the ISAB   Energy of the Sarlux / Enron in Dutch Shell Penis, Italy and Italy builds and cast early or late carried pyroelectricity couplet produces the IGCC device with manufacturing H2, obtained good economic benefits. On this foundation, europe began again new the plan that much couplet of power station of IGCC of round of construction and petrifaction enterprise produces IGCC, begin to explore the way that lights the IGCC that pledges with biology in Sweden and France at the same time.
IGCC of 2.2 United States develops essentials.
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