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Often press fixed bed gas happening the development of furnace
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Coal is the fossil fuel with the richest reserves on the world, also be the fossil fuel with Chinese maximum reserve [1] . Our country is the biggest coal production country on the world and consumptive country, 25% what hold world coal output. Coal is our country distributings relatively the widest, substantial energy resources, and resource of oil, natural gas is relatively insufficient, predict this century middle period, the structure of the sources of energy that our country gives priority to with coal will not be changed.

Of coal change and use having long history, for instance our country already had more than 1500 years as the history of the sources of energy with coal, abroad makes anxious history with coal at least but date from comes 16 centuries [3] . Current, of coal use main component to be a few following respects: 1) the sources of energy is used, if burn, generate electricity (or fuel cell) etc; 2) raw material origin, if acetylene of aerification, plasma is changed, the industrial procedure raw material that cooking, liquefacient, hot solution, hydrogenation heats up solution, coal and accretion coexist manage to wait for the configuration such as gas of way translate into, liquid, solid or chemical; 3) material is used, wait like additive, sorbent.

With the aerification such as O2/H2O, Air/H2O the process of fuel of gas of translate into of agent general coal calls the aerification of coal. Coal aerification reacts medium aerification agent includes O2, H2O, CO2 and H2 commonly, child is CO, H2, CH4 commonly. Coal aerification is coal the cleanness that coal realizes in changing is efficient one of important processes that use, the reaction furnace that is used at coal aerification has a variety of kinds, according to the means of the contact that enrage solid, bed of fixed bed, fluid-bed, carry secretly and bed of salt of be in harmony wait. Among them, because efficiency of its high fever and operating system go to the lavatory simply and reaction furnace of aerification of fixed bed coal gets applied extensively. At present the aerification of the coal on the world is made an appointment with 89% to secure bed aerification, 10% for carry secretly bed, only 1% for fluid-bed aerification [8] . Gas reaction furnace can be in fixed bed already the operation below high pressure, can be in again often press fall or operate below medium pressure. The cuttings pick-up fashion that often controls reaction furnace of aerification of fixed bed coal has two kinds, namely solid state cuttings pick-up and liquid state cuttings pick-up, to means of solid state cuttings pick-up, a very crucial limit requirement is the bate temperature that reactor interior temperature cannot exceed the ash content in coal. According to the means of going from place to place of coal and gas, often press reaction furnace of aerification of fixed bed coal to have refluent type, shed type and fault to sort type in all, among them with refluent form process most general, the advantage of reaction furnace of aerification of this kind of coal summed up below:
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