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Often press fixed bed gas happening the basic aerification principle of furnace
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What generate through oxidation layer and reductive layer place is gas, call aerification gas, because methane quantity little calorific value is low,also call meager coal to enrage, contain the tar of thimbleful and coal bead and dirt among them. The aerification of this part Gao Xianre is gas, rise to dry distillation layer, the microtherm carbonization that is coal provides heat source.

(4) dry distillation layer

The gas inpour that rises through aerification layer enters dry distillation layer. Dry distillation layer is the reaction section that heads dry distillation Duan Mei to enrage furnace to have distinguishing feature extremely. Enter the gas holding heat inside dry distillation layer, temperature is about under 700 ℃ . Here section basically produces the aerification between afore-mentioned young member to react no longer, undertake the microtherm carbonization of coal however, create calorific value taller carbonization is gas (aeriform composition has H2, CH4, C2H6, C3, C4 constituent is amiable voice tar composition) , microtherm carbonization tar and half anxious (half of Jiao Zhong volatilize the portion is 7~10% about) , dry distillation is gas be the same as aerification with mist shape tar paragraph the meager coal gas of generation is exported from the coping of gas furnace together derivative. Those who generate half next anxious moving go to aerification paragraph junior travel is reductive react with oxidation.

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