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Often press fixed bed gas happening the basic aerification principle of furnace
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Inside furnace from bottom to top forms the following section roughly:

(1) layer of grey broken bits

Be in upper part of furnace comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb, the layer of grey broken bits that via burning reaction place forms, after be being exchanged through having heat with the aerification agent that rouses, temperature drops somewhat, can protect furnace comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb to make its are not burned out already, have certain warm-up effect to aerification agent again.

(2) oxidation layer

One of main section of process of reaction of the aerification inside furnace. Via the aerification lotion that warm-up of layer of grey broken bits passes, from bottom to top crosses, as catalytic as glowing coke, emit much heat:

C O2→CO2 394.55kJ/mol

The temperature of layer of the oxidation inside furnace is highest, can achieve 1100~1200 ℃ normally. Inside oxidation layer, the oxygen in aerification agent is used up quickly to danger and generate CO2, carry on oxidation layer sectional on, of CO2 generate a quantity to reach maximum.

(3) reductive layer

Reductive layer is the two carbon inside Duan Lu by the main room of aerification. In this bottom, the air current that the CO2 that becomes by the new student and vapor and N2 mix and becomes, flow up with the speed of 3~6m/s, the glowing charcoal makings that moves downward with the speed with 10~40cm/s is catalytic. Right now CO2 by reductive into CO, also have the analyse carbon reaction of CO at the same time:

CO2 C→2CO-173.09kJ/mol

2CO«C CO2 172.2kJ/mol

Afore-mentioned in two reaction, the mutual change between CO and CO2 is not complete. Both scale, mix by the chroma of gas phase constituent inside the temperature pressure of reaction process and system other is macroscopical condition and calm. Afore-mentioned reaction, be called normally process of reaction of gas of empty gas coal.

The vapor in aerification agent, pledge with carbon vapor of raw material happening decomposes reaction, have adjust the furnace temperature, function that protects furnace comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb:

C H2O→CO H2-131.0kJ/mol

C 2H2O→CO2 2H2-88.9kJ/mol

Afore-mentioned reaction processes are absorption of heat. The quantity of heat that reaction process place needs, it is the heat that when coming from oxidation layer coke burn, releases. Accordingly, the oxidation layer below high temperature condition, provided heat source for reductive layer. Because one part quantity of heat is used up,be in in reductive layer, make expect layer temperature drops, namely under oxidation layer. Reductive layer upside, the reductive reaction of proceed CO2, at the same time still methane changes reaction to exist, also undertake the commutation of CO reacts. Such, the gas that carries reductive layer has CO, CO2, H2, CH4 and the vapor that were not decomposed and nitrogen. Oxidation layer and reductive layer, a general designation is aerification layer.
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