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Often press fixed bed gas happening the basic aerification principle of furnace
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2.The fundamental that solid fuel aerification reacts

Fixed bed is gas produce furnace to make burn gas, make be free gas passes fuel layer above all, carbon and oxygen produce exothermic reaction to be spent in order to raise high temperature. Make vapour and air mix subsequently through fuel layer, the mixture reaction that carbon and vapour and oxygen produce absorption of heat and exothermic produces heat with generating gas.

The 2.1 aerification that regard aerification as the agent with air react

Air is passed from hearth, classics ash arrives at oxidation layer after warm-up of broken bits layer, right now the oxygen in gas and blazing carbon are contacted, produce following reaction:

2C O2=2CO 221.2kJ (2-1)

2CO O2=2CO2 566.0 KJ (2-2)

C O2=CO2 393.8 KJ (2-3)

Aeriform upgrade rises, to reductive layer, the CO2 in gas and carbolic happening chemistry react:

CO2 C=2CO-172.6kJ (2-4)

2.2 vapour are the aerification reaction of aerification agent

The aerification of water vapour and carbon reacts, basically be glowing carbon hydrogen from its in oxide water reductive come out, in gas production, call vapour to decompose normally. When vapour passes layer of high temperature fuel, most the aerification layer that passes first says to give priority to reductive layer, the aerification layer that passes subsequently calls reductive layer.

In reductive layer, basically produce following reaction:

C 2H2O=CO2 2H2-90.2 KJ (2-5)

C H2O=CO H2-131.4 KJ (2-6)

Be in advocate the carbon dioxide that reductive layer generates, be in reductive layer by reductive into carbon monoxide:

C CO2=2CO-172.6 KJ (2-7)

From the chemical reaction principle of the phase that make energy of life, the hope is formed be helpful for vapour decomposing with carbon dioxide the condition of reductive reaction, can think so: The ply that raises aerification layer and temperature are advantageous, reducing steam velocity of flow appropriately also is very advantageous. In carbon and steam chemistry reaction, increase aerification layer ply, drop the measure such as air current speed, can make response rate is accelerated, can make again the content of carbon monoxide increases, raise vapour to decompose rate.

3.Coal is taking gas of dry distillation Duan Mei to produce the aerification reaction course inside furnace

Coal is taking gas of dry distillation Duan Mei to produce the aerification reaction course inside furnace, can generalize the state that shows for graph 2-2 place.

The lump coal of 20~40mm is sent furnace from the coal unit of roof ministry inside, and ground of from above to below is slowly mobile, through dry, carbonization, aerification, after completing full reaction process, form slag from hearth eduction.

By the aerification agent of air and composition of water vapour place, enter furnace from hearth furnace comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb inside, ground of from bottom to top is refluent and go up, and distributing equably react at each between the layer, undertake a series of chemistry react heating up commutative mixing, what what produce is gas, from coping gas exit eduction.
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