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Often press fixed bed gas happening the basic aerification principle of furnace
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Solid fuel has hot work with aerification agent, the course that gets flammability gas calls the aerification of solid fuel, call again make energy of life, the aeriform a general designation of earning is aerification gas, call aerification agent with the gas that will undertake with fuel aerification reacts.

Often press fixed bed gas happening furnace, general with lump anthracitic or soft coal for raw material, make aerification lotion with vapour or vapour and airy gas mixture, production is mixed with carbon monoxide hydric the aerification to basically can light composition is gas.

1.The partition of layer of the fuel inside gas furnace

1 - dry layer 2 - dry distillation layer 3 - reductive layer 4 - oxidation layer 5 - layer of grey broken bits

The aerification of solid fuel reacts, the characteristic branch that by the production inside gas furnace the process has is 5, if graph 2-1 place shows: Dry layer —— is in fuel layer coping, fuel and hot coal are contacted, the moisture in fuel is able to evaporate; —— of dry distillation layer is below dry layer, because temperature condition and dry distillation furnace are similar, fuel produces pyrolysis, give off volatilize cent and other carbonization child become coke, coke turns into aerification layer to undertake thermochemistry reacts by dry distillation layer; The main area of process of the aerification inside gas furnace of aerification layer —— , the charcoal in fuel and aerification agent produce intense chemical reaction in this area, in view of reaction condition different, aerification layer still can be divided for oxidation layer and reductive layer.

(1) oxidation layer: Carbon is mixed into carbon dioxide by the oxygen oxidation in aerification agent carbon monoxide, emit much quantity of heat. Gas thermochemistry reacts needs quantity of heat relies on this to maintain. Oxidation layer temperature is maintained commonly in 1100 ~ 1250 ℃ , this decides the discretion at melting point of raw material coal ash.

(2) reductive layer: Reductive layer is to create the district that basically can burn gas, carbon dioxide and glowing carbon are effective, undertake chemistry of absorption of heat reacts, production is combustible carbon monoxide; Vapor and glowing carbon undertake chemistry of absorption of heat reacts, generate combustible carbon monoxide and hydric, absorb much heat at the same time.

The grey layer that place of the slag after aerification of — of layer of grey broken bits forms, it can warm-up and the aerification agent that distributing to be entered from hearth equably, rising to protect fire bars and ash dish action. The height of area layer differs in fuel layer, condition of the difference of the sort that follows fuel, property and adoption aerification agent, aerification is different and different. And, there is clear dividing line between each area layer, often be mutual stagger.
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