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Gas happening analysis of point of station craft type selecting
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Recently, price of domestic and international oil is climbed ceaselessly litre, and the price of liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas is climbed subsequently do not fall high, and gas source limitation is very big, the trade with the so larger burnup such as glass of a few such as, pottery and porcelain, metallurgy, mechanical, chemical industry, building materials, go to look move to be had in structure of our country the sources of energy in succession hold the balance coal natural resources of the position comes up.
And coal natural resources gets again as the application of fuel of the environmental protection policy with rigid country restrict, air pollution index becomes each in succession big in the staff guage that urban environmental protection amounts to mark degree, be in so a lot of cities, “ raw coal comes loose burn ” to be included proclaimed in writing limitation. Below this kind of form, gas happening a kind of form that furnace uses completely as clean of coal natural resources, more and more get the attention of burnup enterprise.
And the enterprise of gas to these drafting that choose station, because be opposite gas station contact is less, choose what kind of gas station after all, became an a Gordian knot, which kinds of gas furnace to choose? A few gas furnace to choose? Which kinds does the choice purify craft … ? Wait a series of problems a moment to be placed in at the moment, water of a mist. If the choice is undeserved, cause needless investment loss likely, or although investment is less, but cannot get used to production to ask and cause bigger loss.
The article the angle from the enterprise that plans to choose gas station, gas happening the issue of a few points that station craft type selecting designs undertakes brief analysis is mixed elaborate, aim to make the enterprise is in choose gas happening the station accomplishs know fairly well, take roundabout way less.
1, gas happening the importance of station craft type selecting
Gas happening the first pace that design of station craft type selecting is gas station design, to applied enterprise, belong to integral “ project the one part of ” of feasible argumentation file. Design of this craft type selecting must want to combine an enterprise to use those who come actually the requirement not only, and consider local a lot of factor even (if configuration of geographical climate, resource reachs environmental situation,wait) influence. Should accomplish craft type selecting the design is reasonable must be aimed at business act according to actual circumstances, want to make plan is made after thorough knowledge to the enterprise, what make plan likely only comfortable at this enterprise.
Do not join the program of craft type selecting of actual, apply mechanically, often cause inestimable loss to the enterprise. For example, some factory is Shenyang some ceramics works bear those who build is gas produce a station, at building put into production to be sparge 2001 dry tower milling provides fuel. Because this station is gas the climate requirement that purifies craft not to accord with ” of severe cold of winter of northeast area “ , after put into production enters winter, appear double standpipe, washer, report catchs tar implement the phenomenon that waits for equipment and its conduit to often jam, cause this station to cannot move normally, affect production badly, be forced 2002 disuse, cause great loss to the enterprise. Too numerous to mention one by one of this kind of example, more serious, after some gas stations build, because some link did not consider, cause from go up at all cannot satisfy manufacturing requirement, must its unused, become scrap iron to pile.
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