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Produce heat gas explosion ABC
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Summary: The article is brief introduced gas happening to produce heat common sense of a few foundations, aim to make reader understanding produces heat gas happening a few postulate of explosion and the circumstance that appear possibly, eliminate panicky mentality thereby, strengthen be on guard the administration of consciousness, executive safety, safe production that realizes an enterprise.
One, the essential element of gas explosion
Gas catch fire with although gas explosion must have 3 essential factor, can light gas, air (oxygen) , kindling (or achieve constant temperature) , but they also have different place:
(1) explosion is undertake inside airtight container, or just can happen in relatively airtight space, and catching fire is commonly be outside equipment or the circumstance with the larger space inside equipment undertakes.
(2) when explosion, air and can light gas to mix already adequately equably, and catching fire is gas and the circumstance that consume oxygen gradually can be lighted in constant input next undertaking.
(3) explosion is the chain oxidation reaction that produces in the instant, and catch fire relatively slow oxidation response.
(4) can make after explosion step up of the gas inside limited space, and the around of ignition process is to be in often control an environment.
(5) the bow wave with very big generation of the meeting when explosion, accompanying tremendous noise, and catch fire and do not have bow wave, have heat radiation only.
Gas explosion, must be 3 element exist at the same time, if lack among them any, won't produce explosion. Although these 3 element are put at the same time,be in sometimes, but gas medium can light aeriform constituent and oxygenous air to fail to achieve mix equably, also cannot produce explosion. Still should point out, not be any amounts can light gas and air to mix to be able to produce explosion equably, become however when gas explosion, can light gas to should reach certain proportion, reach this scale range only inside, ability can produce explosion.
Can light gas to be in gas mixture under this limits or when exceeding this range, although have kindling and high temperature condition to also won't produce explosion, this limits is explosion limit, divide upper limit and floor level again.
2, the when gas explosion pressure inside container rises speed and temperature
Gas explosion is gas medium after can lighting aeriform constituent and oxygenous air to mix inside airtight container, catch fire, emit much oxidation reaction heat, these quantity of heat quickened oxidation reaction, this kind of chain-reacting is delivered quickly inside short time, can make inside container can light aeriform constituent to be lighted entirely, right now the temperature inside container is abandoned namely acuteness rise, inside the recipient that permits surely, aeriform pressure also rises quickly subsequently, namely and cause explosion. Explosive place arises explode earthquake wave is 2000 ~ 3000m/s, bursting pressure is 0.71 ~ 1.01MPa, temperature can amount to 1750 ℃ left and right sides.
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