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Gas happening the station runs formula of cost accounting reference
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Recently, as domestic and international oil, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas price climb ceaselessly litre, gas happening a kind of form that furnace uses completely as clean of coal natural resources, because its exceed strong cost dominant position, begin to get the attention of burnup enterprise.

How the consideration with quick forthright gives hair unripe heat the cost making energy of life of gas station, provide decision-making basis for enterprise policymaker, it is the first when be placed before the technical personnel that has survey type selecting problem that must solve.

The experience of a few computation that we combine my company to come for years is below, a when summary goes out relatively simple and practical computation reference is formulary, be the same as person reference for each technology sincerely.

1. primitive data

(1) the gas yield of coal: (A) Nm3/kg coal

(2) gas calorific value: (B) KJ/Nm3

(3) coal price: (C) yuan / Kg

(4) charge of electricity: (D) yuan / Kw.h (average reference)

(5) with n: (E) Kw

(6) the coefficient that use phone: 0.8

(7) amount of complete station worker: (F) person

(8) salary of worker average per capita: (X) yuan / day

(9) facility cost: (Y) yuan

2. gas station runs cost accounting

(1) gas and effective demand: (Q) Nm3/h

(2) quantity of real cost coal: Q÷A=(G)Kg/h

(3) charge of bad news coal: G×C=(H) yuan / H

(4) charge of bad news report: (E×0.8) ×D=(K) yuan / H

(5) water, steam and overhead expenses (of charge of report extraction coal 2% ) : (H K) ×2%=(M) yuan / H

(6) artificial charge: (X÷24) ×F=(N) yuan / H

(7) equipment depreciation (depreciation period 10 years) : Y÷ (365×10×24) =(R) yuan / H

(8) hourly gas totle drilling cost: H K M N R=(T) yuan / H

(9) every Nm3 gas cost: T÷Q=(V) yuan / Nm3

(10) every KJ caloric is gas cost: V÷B=(W) yuan / KJ

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