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Gas happening the principle of furnace
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Gas happening the principle of furnace: Be lump coal park gas happening in furnace, after ignition of will rock-bottom coal, above cover 3000-4000mm thick coal bed, rouse air and water vapour and coal to produce the equipment that a series of oxidation get containing the CO, H2 half water gas that can burn component in exit after reductive reaction again.
1, layer of grey broken bits its action is those who assure the device that divide broken bits is safe and its height of set is 200—300mm (when moving normally optimal) rotate grey dish also be such, those who point to is wind crown up is not bottom, another action of layer of grey broken bits is will gas the trade that has cold heat with air, what need material in order to carry first-rate of supply oxidation layer to offer advantageous condition for oxidation layer, in order to offer combustion.
2, oxidation layer (inside ply is 500mm) its are main the purpose is the oxygen that makes air medium and coal react strongly and generate carbon dioxide, release much quantity of heat at the same time,

Namely C 02—CO2 393.8MJ/kmol
3, reductive layer: Reductive layer is to create gas district its ply is 300—400mm its action is:
CO2 C—2CO-162.4MJ/kmol
C H2O—CO H2131.5MJ/ Kmol
C H2O—CO2 H2 41.0MJ/ Kmol
4, dry distillation layer: Volatilize coal mediumly namely portion, the CmHm compound depart that after the course heats, the material such as tar produces comes out, next reentrance is reductive have chemical reaction, its are 200mm highly thick.
5, dry layer: It is the water portion with a medium coal evaporates can.
Gas aerification principle is commonly used ABC
1. oxidation layer (igneous layer)
Gas happening the oxidation layer inside furnace (igneous layer) , it is the crucial position with gas generation, its are 4000mm left and right sides highly.
2.Dry layer
Dry it is stoving actually. When gas fall in constant temperature (500 ℃ ) the water portion of coal piece appearance turns into quickly water vapour mixes in gas in outside outputting furnace. Requirement, enter gas happening the coal in furnace piece should not take water share. Will affect gas quality otherwise.
4.Dry distillation layer
Coal piece passes dry course, heat further again (℃ of 400 ℃ —500) coal piece appears condition of system of dry splitting decomposition, this kind of condition cries dry. The gas such as alkyl, hydric in the one part in this process, carbon monoxide, tar is decomposed piece, outside letting oven of gas mixture output. Actual cooking is gas the gas mixture that arises below this kind of condition namely, the main component in gas is a hydrocarbon (methane) tar reachs a few carbon monoxide. Accordingly, cooking is gas calorific value is high, quality is good. What afore-mentioned telling is dry distillation process, point to use soft coal piece, anthracitic piece in dry distillation process, produce a few hydrocarbons, wait without tar almost.
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