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Odd paragraph model gas happening furnace
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Company name: Henan world nation weighs project machinery limited company
Product value: 110 thousand yuan / the stage rises 1 times order
Management mode: Production / make
Company property: Finite liability company
Legal entity: He Shuzhen

Issue date: On October 9, 2008
Contact: Plum manager (gentleman)
Phone: 0371-67817688
Mobile phone: 13607650819


Fax: 0371-67813988
Postcode: 450042
Address: Zhengzhou city Central Plains on the west road and mouth of across of 4 annulus road are northerly 100 meters of roads on the west
The happening that my plant design makes furnace, use at each metalloid heat treatment finery of aluminous furnace of furnace of furnace, kiln of pottery and porcelain, frit, copper, forge, forging form a complete set offers the trade such as industry of industry of industry of heating furnace of furnace, metal, galvanizing furnace, stoving furnace, glass, chemical industry, ceramics, cable gas.
It is mix with air and vapor those who be aerification agent is gas produce heat. Because produce furnace aerification principle originally reasonable, design simple, investment is little, use convenient safety, operation maintenance is simple, facilitate master, suit medium, small-sized factory more so.
Structure of body of heater
Complete water covers a construction, produce vapour to be able to connect gas furnace to do aerification agent to use directly oneself. Coping uses the fireproof insulation material that differs twofold pouring.
Coal orgnaization
Double bell overspreads coal, the bell below the flashboard on automatic coal machine and hydraulic pressure drive overspreads a structure, add coal screen according to need.
Clear grey orgnaization
Form of worm wheel worm, wet odd side or bilateral give ash.

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