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Gas happening furnace price
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Company name: Henan world nation weighs project machinery limited company
Product value: 1 million yuan / the stage rises 1 times order
Management mode: Production / make
Company property: Finite liability company
Legal entity: He Shuzhen

Issue date: On October 10, 2008
Contact: Plum manager (gentleman)
Phone: 0371-67817688
Mobile phone: 13607650819


Fax: 0371-67813988
Postcode: 450042
Address: Zhengzhou city Central Plains on the west road and mouth of across of 4 annulus road are northerly 100 meters of roads on the west
Two paragraphs of type are gas produce heat
Gas all uses indirect cooling, the sewage of generation is gas condensate, reduced oiliness and the treating capacity of the sewage that contain phenol, in sewage and container of steeliness of existence of tar lay aside, avoided harmful material evaporate with leakage. Sewage can burn processing. Two paragraphs of type are gas produce heat, it is to use coal to make take gas facility. It sets coping gas with bottom gas two exit. Coping is gas contain tar, usable report catchs collect oil implement keep clear of and reclaim use; And bottom and gas do not contain tar, can remove dust with tornado dust catcher.

Suitable scope:
The raw material of the fuel of the heating furnace in industry of metallurgy, building materials, glass and chemical industry reachs fuel
The detail lands Http:// please

Gas happening furnace, because of energy-saving and reduce cost to increase profit. Because light,gas works and environmental protection amounts to mark. Rise in price in the sources of energy below the form with environmental protection stricter and stricter requirement, use gas happening furnace is you optimal choice.

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