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Gas happening furnace is special desulphurization agent
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Company name: Sichuan saves light of dragon of river oily city to purify limited company
Product value: 3800 yuan / ton 1 ton rises order
Management mode: Production / make
Company property: Finite liability company
Legal entity: Song Daotai
Establish time: 1988
Issue date: On October 10, 2008
Contact: Song Wei (gentleman)
Phone: 0816-3752207
Mobile phone: 13778063519


Fax: 0816-3752207
Postcode: 621700
Address: Sichuan visits railway station of river oily city
Agent of to decoke of oxidation of ZDE-01 normal temperature is with active Fe2o3 is bases, add a variety of auxiliary to be made.
Agent of ZDE-01 to decoke is the to decoke of new-style and efficient normal temperature of dry method gas with a kind of stronger adaptability agent, often can be pressed in normal temperature or add too the job below the condition. Use on have facility simple, operation size of convenient, sulfur is large, purify degree tall, suit to wait for a characteristic by force. Apply to natural gas, CNG natural gas, gas, Jiao Lu extensively refine of gas of second birth of carbon dioxide of gas, commutation gas, food, carbon dioxide, oil changes etc of gas, firedamp of the H2S in gas take off except, it is certain to also have to organic sulfur take off except the effect, it is the high grade product on eye preexistence bound.
One. Main thing turns performance

The appearance reachs size: (Millimeter of 15) of ~ of 4.5 ~ 5.5) X (5, surface color is red (yellow) the strip of garden cylinder form of brown.
Caboodle density: 0.8 ~ 0.9 divide jin of ∕ to rise
Kong Rong: 0.4 millimeter ∕ overcomes ~
Active: Precision of the to decoke below normal use condition can amount to 1mgs/Nm3 the following.

2. Technical index
Side presses broken intensity: ≥40 oxen ∕ centimeter
Working sulfur allows: ≥   35%

3. Principle of reaction of desulphurization second birth

1, desulphurization
Kilocalorie of Fe2O3•H2O 3H2S = Fe2O3•H2O 3H2O 5.2
2, second birth
Fe2S3 3/2O3---Kilocalorie of Fe2O3•H2O 3S 47.1
Second birth reaction is stronger exothermic reaction.
If O2 is contained in gas, when O2 ∕ H2S>2.5 when, reaction of desulphurization second birth can realize successive second birth, criterion afore-mentioned reaction type are amalgamative for:
2O2Fe2O3•H2OH2O S of ∕ of H2S 1
Ferric oxide is equivalent to activator actually.

4. Operate use condition

Temperature: Normal temperature, with 20 ~ 40 ℃ are advisable.
Airspeed: (1) often presses: 200 ~ 500 hours - 1
(2) pressurization: 500 ~ 1000 hours - 1
Pressure: Often press to 3MPa
Ratio of height to diameter: 3 above
Purify gas: Contain H2S to allow to be as high as 5000mgs/Nm3, if ask desulphurization precision Gao Ke uses multistage to decoke
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