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Gas happening furnace
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Company name: Machinery of Zhengzhou Bo Wei creates limited company
Product value: 158 thousand yuan / the stage rises 1 times order
Management mode: Production / make
Company property: Finite liability company

Issue date: On September 24, 2008
Contact: Zhang Zhenyong (gentleman)
Phone: 0371-67857351
Mobile phone: 13838107090


Fax: 0371-67857353
Postcode: 450000
Address: Zhengzhou city Central Plains on the west road and on the west mouth of 4 annulus across to on the west
Use at each metalloid heat treatment finery of aluminous furnace of furnace of furnace, kiln of pottery and porcelain, frit, copper, forge, forging form a complete set offers the trade such as industry of industry of industry of heating furnace of furnace, metal, galvanizing furnace, stoving furnace, glass, chemical industry, ceramics, cable gas.

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