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To create the safe operation of energy saving gas furnace
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In the ceramic industry into winter climate, as a manufacturer and supplier of ceramic machine companies are in trouble. But insist on marketing innovation, technological innovation, product innovation, China has the same energy group turning crises into opportunities, the introduction of energy saving, safe and easy operation of the two-stage gas furnace high ground occupied by the market. And Constant Thai press, kiln, and other famous enterprises Morgan Na powerful combination of complementary products, bundling the international export market activity increased significantly. To this end, recent interview with Chairman Zhao Qiusheng Huayuan Group, and depth to its production base - - Foshan Nanhai Industrial Park Xiaotang new environment without fear winter Huayuan Group witnessed the test of prowess. Domestic and international market situation sees clearly Zhao, chairman, told reporters face the winter ceramic machine ceramic enterprises to take a lot of "dormant" for the winter, while China is the opposite with the Energy Group, to take "winter swimming" to meet the challenges of keeping fit winter. Much of clients with the Energy Group of China, Foshan City, China with the development of energy equipment Co., Ltd., Foshan City, Okun Machinery Co., Ltd. two professional technique and equipment manufacturing companies, focused on 80 years of the 20th century and the introduction of China's first batch of European countries use the advanced two-stage gas furnace technology backbone, through continuous improvement and innovation, and gradually formed a series of products for domestic and international conditions of production are fully recognized by our customers. In 2004, China formally set up with the Energy Group, Foshan, relying on a wealth of practical experience and strong technical force continued to emerge, as dozens of well-known ceramics enterprises in Foshan, "tailor" the nearly 200 two-stage gas furnace. Products are exported to Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Colombia and other countries. China Energy Group with the momentum of development by leaps and bounds to become the largest manufacturer in South China and the type of gas furnace parts suppliers, but also involved in gas power generation, energy-saving heat exchangers, coal use, waste heat recovery areas such as energy use maximization, minimization of environmental pollution have made outstanding contributions. For the current number of non-qualified gas furnace manufacturers dumping, and many businesses were taken in ceramic production site desulfurization is not complete, phenol water intractable, pungent odor filled the dirty and messy situation, Zhao, chairman of the two that must be developed Cold-stage gas furnace no pollution, no smell of acceptance criteria. Emphasis not on price cutting corners, cheating. As the group of cold gas station built in the hot furnace gas purification equipment based on the increase and other supporting documents, so that more clean gas to eliminate odor, the gas pressure to increase the pressure on transport stability. Thus, although no qualifications than offer a "cottage industries" gas stove manufacturers in more than 10 percentage points higher, but the energy saving, high automation, security and easy operation, no odor of sulfur dioxide emissions from the high performance for the user to worry about lifting. Cold gas station put into operation, significant savings in fuel oil fired ceramic tile high cost of business, six months to recover the investment in technological upgrading. Stove design and construction of coal-water slurry spray tower with the Energy Group is China's strength. Zhao chairman, said on behalf of CWS is a clean liquid fuel oil, liquefied as to burn as oil. China launched with the energy of dry gas desulfurization tower removal of excess sulfur, which were filled with iron oxide and activated carbon desulfurization agent both by chemical and physical reactions, so that the combustion gas after desulfurization of sulfur dioxide emissions significantly while reduced, both to protect the environment but also improves the quality of the product powder dry. China Energy Group at the launch of the same cold gas station, CWS stove, dry desulfurization tower on the basis of major equipment, but also introduce smart gas alarm control equipment, 1266D portable gas leak detector and other accessories concentration of escort, and create energy-saving maximize the use of green energy a new situation.

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