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Plant Coke Oven Gas Group of well water into a large furnace the early transfor
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Plant coke furnace has been purchased since the use of recycled water consistently low pH values, the need to add about 300 tons per day of water to regulate water quality to ensure the integrity of equipment and environmental protection standards. A lot of added water, not only increase production costs, but also seriously affect the completion of our plant energy consumption index. Plant leadership has attached great importance on the matter, production scheduling Changbu Division leaders had organized, technical equipment section and the machine shop of well water to re-enable the transformation of large coke oven project. Oven large groundwater wells, water quality, water recycling Plant in full compliance with requirements. However, a large well to place coke furnace does not cycle between the pool water pipes, the water diversion project to be redesigned. So starting from March 2010, the relevant technical staff began the construction of the project, construction cost savings in line with the principle of self-determination of Plant Production Scheduling Division elevation trench, machine repair shop the original high-pressure ammonia water pipe from the overhead oven the cut off and re-welded into the pipe trench laying. From April 6 to begin pipe-laying test the waters on April 8 runs in just two days, the rapid progress of the works can be described. Test the water for two hours to save the day only 40 tons of water, and works to achieve automatic control, and coke oven in the carriage of large wells at the pumping station can be manipulated to open the pump stops, running well. Leadership during the construction and production scheduling Changbu Branch, Division of technical equipment, machine repair shop responsible person went to the site every day, every step of the project follow-up to ensure project success quickly. The project is expected to run into the chamber after the cycle can not only improve water quality, but also for the Plant each year 87,000 tons of water conservation, water and about 7 million, reducing the overall cost of 66,000 yuan. This project, use of waste from the construction design of pipelines, to the final realization of the saving results, and fully reflects the Plant response to energy saving principles of the production company.

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