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New silhouette equipment - furnace ground silver iodide was officially settle
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Fuping County, Baoding, 16, said Bureau of Meteorology, the new silhouette equipment - silver iodide floor furnace in the county of Liaoning Road, Pui Tsuen successful installation and successful testing of smoke. Silver iodide is a new floor furnace hail suppression, precipitation (snow) device, the device powered by solar energy, the use of mobile phones and other ways to achieve remote monitoring and remote control flame lit bar, and then a scientific operation. Silhouette of the device with other devices, compared with the high efficiency, low labor intensity, high degree of automation; reaction speed, good accuracy; long life, easy maintenance; from airspace restrictions, the advantages of better security. Liao Road, Pui Tsuen Fuping County 1750 meters above sea level, and Tianshengqiao area, summer Township Rose Valley adjacent to the two tourist attractions, here to carry out precipitation (snow) job, can effectively complement the two area water resources, reduce forest fire danger rating for the county "to create the Taihang Mountain Area Tourism County" to provide resources. It is reported that the back Fuping Liao Road Baoding, this work is currently the only four county bureau lightning ground network to protect the fence, site hardening, office computers and other auxiliary facilities installed in all county bureau, as long as weather conditions are ripe, implementation of operations at any time.

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