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Gas furnace and professional civil and gas furnace produce industry manufacturer
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Nanyang city flower east mechanical equipment limited company and Nanyang lie dragon is had without manufactory of equipment of tower water supply large solder center, bury arc welder of automatic welder, protection of carbon dioxide gas, roll a variety of large facility such as machine of ball of round machine, plane shear, gush, process instrumentation is all ready, it is home scale is at present larger gas happening furnace major produces manufacturer. It is a country large the enterprise of independent legal person of subordinate of machinery plant of east wind of enterprise of 2 kinds of war industry, have tall, intermediate technician 20, the solderer that hold card many 40, technical force is abundant, detect the method is all ready, have perfect quality guarantee system.
Lie series of dragon card CG is gas produce heat, it is the positive result that energy-saving center expert studies the country for years, national patent date: ZJ032459726. It uses home's advanced craft principle, reasonable construction, with anthracitic for raw material, aerification generation is gas. Furnace of the heating furnace that can wait for an industry for metallurgy, mechanical, chemical industry, pottery and porcelain, kiln, boiler provides fuel, suit the guesthouse, hotel, mechanism, school, dining room, center that wash bath to use at the same time.
This equipment design is reasonable, the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, installation is convenient, automatic discharge broken bits, appearance control, the operation is handy, can control gas crop according to need, stop freely, do not require gas storage equipment, follow along with with, chang Yaan is devoid and dangerous. Its run a course airtight and smokeless dirt is discharged, when gas combustion smokeless without dirt, clean sanitation, it is the ideal equipment that the country popularizes clean coal technology energetically.
The spirit of enterprise that ” of “ innovation, deal with concrete matters relating to work, tough, enterprising holds to from beginning to end since the factory is founded and seek progress in order to innovate, beat the market with sincere letter, originally in order to manage essential, it is with environmental protection oneself the management concept that allow. Realize the social value of the enterprise adequately. Provide satisfactory product and service for the client, it is the tenet of factory eternity.

Our country is it is country of main the sources of energy with coal, developing clean coal technology is the inevitable choice of strategy of development of our country energy, already included national “ compendium of 915 ” development. Applied coal makes gas protect an environment already, replace oily, natural gas and phone again, reduce cost, economy is practical. This product standards is all ready, can satisfy already big medium or small guesthouse, hotel is used, all sorts of boiler that can satisfy each industry to go to 10 tons from 0.2 tons again and heating furnace form a complete set are used.
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