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Machinery plant of glass of peaceful ferry county, production is gas produce hea
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Manufactory of machinery of glass of peaceful ferry county, be those who be engaged in vitreous machinery is professional enterprise, produce moral to sell more than 300 user of countrywide, taller reputation is enjoyed on industry of our country glasswork. My factory only then built 1975, developing enterprising, below the premise that deal with concrete matters relating to work innovates, annual produce achieves 18.5 million yuan, my factory has good integral quality and abundant technical power, workmanship is advanced, facility is complete. In order to respect a person with ability, develop with science and technology, be in what at present vitreous machinery develops at full speed to automation today, in the hour of conflicting of a very short time of vitreous container industry, admit need to get used to glasswork industry, import machine with what act on a country to put forward about ministry bureau homebred change, digest absorption essence, my factory consults the congener product of advanced country. Develop early or late in succession from 1986 piece: Machine conveyor of chain of machine of machine of feed in raw material of inclined felt type, overhead suspension feed in raw material, tine, double arm promotes a few kinds of products such as bottle machine, each district of popular whole nation, welcome by the user. Since 1998, be indebted to concerned unit assistance, my factory begins gas happening to develop and produce —— of product of efficient and energy-saving environmental protection furnace. This product already realized seriation production now, come from diametical ∮ 0.85m of all sorts of ∮ 3m norms gas happening tower of the double standpipe of furnace and its form a complete set, bath, except drop implement, report catchs tar implement, the product such as dust catcher, can use extensively at the industry such as glass, pottery and porcelain, metallurgy, chemical industry, chemical fibber and metallic heat treatment, a wide place in the road in also can be, factory area offers the life to enrage a source, it is good to have sealing quite with coequal product photograph, produce tolerance advanced advantage. Body of heater covers a construction for complete water, mechanical coal, use wet the form of taphole, itself produces vapour to be able to satisfy vaporization to use steam need oneself, it is the country recommends one of products of use efficient and energy-saving environmental protection. Produce the net tape of all sorts of norms at the same time.
Tine chain conveyer belt and machine of overhead suspension feed in raw material, machine conveyor sells and other places of past Thailand, Laos.
My factory holds to product quality for years the first, credit the first, service the first, the principle with consummate user, serve sincerely for broad new old client, welcome broad domestic and international new old client to come wholeheartedly.

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