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Action abundant is gas produce heat the energy-saving efficiency that decrease a
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Since “ green ” environmental protection, energy-saving after decreasing a platoon to become the main target that judges local government achievements in one's official career, pottery and porcelain produces fundamental facilities to get attention fully. For this, the reporter visited Fosan to enrol abundant coal to make gas technology seek advice from a project to serve a ministry.
With machinery the ministry designs the unit collaboration such as the academy since action abundant is old, of development gas happening furnace is to use coal, regard aerification as the agent with air, water vapour, produce gas equipment, produce the production with gas furnace. It is current investment is least, run convenient aerification way. This kind gas and main use as the fuel of industry and life, have moving on the safe side, and efficiency tall, redound is tall, smokeless the advantage such as dirt, free from contamination. Many fact proves, with gas station gas replace diesel oil or electric energy is used at pottery and porcelain firing kiln, sparge is dry the tower, OK and managing cost 50% above. Among them, two paragraphs of type are gas produce equipment of furnace cold station, the fluctuation of two paragraphs of furnace is gas exit, what can carry different calorific value is gas, its aerification efficiency and thermal efficiency all compare odd Duan Shilu tall, body of heater by often press structural instead container formerly bear control a construction, can the steam boiler that take out matchs outside gas station, increased useless heat boiler, make full use of gas more than heat, produce 0.25-0.3Mpa steam oneself, raised systematic vapour yield greatly, satisfied the need of gas station oneself. Complete carbonization leaves coal course body of heater paragraph, gas and basic do not contain tar, upside is gas contain a few light qualitative tar, jam not easily conduit. And its calorific value is high, stability is good, operation flexibility is big, automation rate is high, labor intensity is low, free from contamination, section water is remarkable. Gas happening the foundation of underground of full weight instead of furnace is assumed, use simple steel structure factory building, reduce project cost, time limit for a project of old short construction. And cold gas station is on hot stove foundation, increase purifying device, make gas more clean, pressurization is carried, increased gas pressure stability.
According to enrolling general manager introduction, energy-saving a be national development economy long-term strategic principle. The aerification bed combustion that development and promotion suit domestic coal to plant, anthracitic combustion is changed compatibly, the clean technology such as liquefaction, raise coal utilization rate to reduce pollution. Action abundant all the time since the product related ceaseless research and development, make the enterprise produces segment in the foundation not only can managing charge creates profit, and let enterprise aborning achieve environmental protection requirement. “ green ” is energy-saving decrease a platoon, reflected the social sense of responsibility with a strong company.
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