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Smooth in relief group forgings furnace kiln changes environmental protection en
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Smooth in relief group is energy-saving decrease a platoon, improve manufacturing efficiency, can big to bad news, blowdown exceeds mark to forging badly heat craft implementation changes thoroughly, fall into disuse forging the workshop is all kiln of coal fired furnace, use contemporary advanced technique actively, introduce installation two home's advanced environmental protection is full gas happening furnace and build 4 coal fired to enrage furnace kiln, already used at igniting start working is thrown formally at the beginning of August. Via a many month move, new gas happening furnace specifications on the safe side, the energy-saving effect that decrease a platoon is apparent, blowdown index sets a standard under the country greatly.

Factory of v of Hua Feng of —— of predecessor of smooth in relief group, found 1993, major machines bearing ferrule forging, use kiln of coal fired furnace to heat all the time ferrule club expects, waste fuel not only, and blowdown exceeds bid badly, cause serious harm to natural zoology environment and manufacturing surroundings, in last few years, although after many transform, but still not from go up at all change blowdown exceeds bid situation, the poisonous and harmful gas that furnace kiln discharges is serious of enroach on worker healthy; The black smoke dust of dense is caused in a few the person disappears each other inside rice, affect workshop safe production badly; Even the company is encountered have examination of branch of ranking environmental protection, forging the workshop must close stop production, affect what the company produces the job badly to finish. Confront this kind of backward production technology, the company leads change idea, establish scientific progress concept, with responsible to the country, responsible to the descendants, responsible to employee sense of responsibility, take decisive step, demolish forging the workshop is all and direct kiln of coal fired furnace, introduce installation home advanced environmental protection completely gas happening furnace, with its contemporary and advanced new facility, new technology, new technology, drive forging production develops.

As we have learned, what the company uses is complete gas happening furnace, be what be made at present in our country and use is gas produce furnace foundation to go up, via replacing the newest product that transform and develops a success. This product is mix with air and water vapour those who be aerification agent is gas produce heat, be a kind new-style it is raw material with coal, coal turns the burner of independent heat addition that gas is an organic whole, make disappear smoke, remove dust, desulphurization one pace reachs the designated position, thermal efficiency is tall. With heat gas the direct combustion that will replace coal, changed traditional coal and combustion way, save the sources of energy already, reduce soot to be polluted to atmospheric again, reduced labor intensity greatly, improve work efficiency, relax use coal is planted, reduce moving cost, from go up at all solved black smoke to pollute a problem.
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