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Metallurgy of new technology broken solution uses gas happening difficult proble
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Current, what use generally is gas in production of our country metallurgical industry because smoke evacuation contains sulfur content,produce heat tall, the problem that creates environmental pollution is the difficult problem that puzzles company production all the time. According to concerning data statistic, only gas happening the flue gas of 2 oxidation sulfur of the generation in furnace production administers charge, the user is annual little throw hundred thousands of yuan, much person 10 thousand yuan about a hundred, but effects is very small. Development development environmental protection gas happening furnace already was become raise high yield can, the Chongzhongzhi that protects society of environment, benefit is heavy.

In recent years, face our country to be opposite of environmental protection strength increase, plant of facility of energy-saving environmental protection of city of state of Heibei look forward to uses advanced technique and technology actively, build and perfect mechanism of technical innovation movement and guarantee system, realized persistent technical innovation and product innovation thereby, contained Troy ’ to establish to promote machinery of our country metallurgy the ’ of function of equipment environmental protection solid base the dominant equipment that stands tall and upright to be produced as metallurgical industry is gas produce heat, ’ of large family of coal of since ’ bad news is the ’ of ’ heavy disaster area on environmental protection. To this, this factory captures the difficult problem of multinomial scientific research on technology of flue gas to decoke, administering gas in contains Gao Nong spends respect of 2 oxidation sulfur to obtain a technology to break through. The energy of life of double Duan Mei that its develop produces furnace Leng Mei to enrage desulphurization technology, not only desulphurization effect is good, and device moving fare is low, will tell from real significance achieved energy-saving the goal that reduces a platoon. As we have learned, on technical innovation, device of this to decoke is passed use cylinder multilayer design, increased desulphurization agent and gas contact time further, utmost improved desulphurization result, desulphurization rate amounts to 90% above, SO2 discharges chroma lowest to be able to amount to stere of 50 milligram ∕, rate of dehydrate of saturated flue gas exceeds 97% . Meanwhile, still enrage fluid depart device through using, undertake the droplet that granuality differs in flue gas be takinged off effectively dividing, smoke evacuation contains wet quantity to be reduced greatly, make downstream facilities is corroded not easily. In the meantime, they still are aimed at gas happening easy generation contains phenolic sewage to pollute serious problem to groundwater source in furnace moving process, development development gives new technology of water treatment of phenolic water evaporator, go up at all thereby solved the pollution of the sewage that contain phenol to groundwater source, the in-house environment that ’ of blue sky of water of ’ green jade creates in using a process for the user was hit solid base stand tall and upright
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