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Gas happening the development trend of furnace
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There is volume inside the territory in showing gas happening furnace thousands of, main with sheet paragraph gas furnace gives priority to type. Two paragraphs of type are gas produce heat opposite less, two paragraphs gas furnace from long-term in light of, in the future is stove of gas of odd Duan Mei replace a product. Can mix from environmental protection energy-saving two respects think; The first: To coal utilization rate rise, the aerification intensity of odd Duan Lu compares a bottom, two paragraphs of furnace are added on former aerification layer tall dry distillation layer makes coal is in when entering aerification layer in order to become half coke state, make of coal aerification more complete, from cindery in OK and special the grey broken bits that sees gas furnace production gives two paragraphs of form clearly contains charcoal to lead special bottom, be in commonly 12% the left and right sides; Odd Duan Lu is in 20% the left and right sides. The 2nd: To environmental pollution, the pollution that Leng Mei of odd Duan Lu enrages pair of water is serious, be in especially purify a process to be gassed to come with water directly catharsis, drop in temperature, gas in many foreign matter belt goes out; The phenolic water of generation is serious to environmental pollution, of two paragraphs of furnace purify use indirect cooling, water and gas do not receive directly place, prevented the pollution to water, see the effect from the use circumstance of many manufacturer remarkable, some factories still are in cooling water pisciculture, the better advantage that reflected two paragraphs of heat. The interesting power that so gas furnace expands will with two paragraphs of type gas furnace is given priority to, odd Duan Lu will exit historical arena. Gas furnace uses two paragraphs of formula extensively in building materials, metallurgy, be able to bear or endure material, glass, the industry such as chemical industry. Apply with building materials the most extensive, apply more area to basically have, shandong Zi rich, install south Fujian, jin Jiang, qing Dynasty is far, zhao Qing, 3 water of Guangdong, tall waist and other places.

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