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Henan world nation weighs project machinery limited company
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My company is the high-end technology company that major produces equipment of efficient and energy-saving environmental protection. Main series has the product odd paragraph of type is gas produce heat, two paragraphs of type are gas happen, high-pressured static electric stove, heat up oily furnace, reach series disintegrator, vibrating separator, e Shi, hammer type, conic type, pound type, broken type. The product is noisy praise global, partial product already strode international advanced level.

Harships travel at double speed of 30 years, make world nation person modelled good faith solidarity, the spirit with consecratory cooperation, the brilliant image that shaped world nation to weigh labour in the industry such as mining industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, coal, with the technology of institution of higher learing collaboration makes world nation brand more excelsior, we hold to “ to be with the person this, environmental protection is energy-saving, the tenet of benefit offspring ” , wish to start the aircraft carrier of sincere letter together with you, achieve together brilliant tomorrow.

Our company are located in Central Plains fastness, zhengzhou city Central Plains on the west road and 4 annulus fall a point on the west, clingy Gansu sea, line of centre of Beijing wide railroad, as conterminous as fleabane hill Shaolin Temple soil, with south look of phase of project of water north attune is mirrorred brightness.

My factory acts on “ to respect property from beginning to end, be realistic, the management concept of innovation ” , hold to “ quality the first, the tenet of the first ” is credit broad user provides high grade product and excellent service, “ is begged with quality live, it is a center with the client, seek benefit in order to manage, begging development ” with the market is the management guiding principle of my company, my company hopes to be on the foundation of mutually beneficial mutual benefit, joint development, cooperate with your kind effort of all circles friend, create good future jointly!

Our tenet: Make a client satisfactory

Our target: Become the precede person of the industry

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