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Grand of Taiyuan city Xin is heavy-duty and gas equipment develops limited compa
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Heavy-duty and gas equipment develops grand of Taiyuan city Xin limited company is to be engaged in gas station designing, make, whole set, installation, debug reach those who groom specialization enterprise. The factory covers an area of area 2500M2, produce area 2000M2, equipment 110 (cover) . 100 people of existing worker, among them personnel of technology of project of company gas major 15 people. Actual strength is abundant, the technology is advanced, and good the reliance that the service will win broad user henceforth.

My company basically produces Φ1.0M, Φ1.1M, Φ1.6M, Φ2M, Φ2.4M, Φ3.0M, Φ3MTG, gas happening furnace, gas purifying device, be not mark equipment, obtain Shanxi to save environmental protection to recommend certificate. The product sells each district of past whole nation, apply extensively at machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, pottery and porcelain, building materials, the industry such as glass.

My company has something made to order with the special requirement according to the user even what its change specification is gas produce heat, satisfy user requirement with utmost.

Come to my company already built gas station for years many 60, arrive from northeast Yun Gui, spread all over countrywide each district to Hainan from Xinjiang, satisfied the requirement that local economy grows, make the enterprise reduced cost to improve beneficial result.

The service is affirmatory:

My company goes after quality with “ , sincere letter the first, satisfy a client, fulfil the principle of 3 packets of ” and purpose, for the user lifelong service, the problem appears in using provincial 24 hours, other cities hurries to spot processing to solve inside 48 hours.

If the user wants to understand problem of other and relevant technology, we are offerred freely the technology supports and seek advice from a service. Supply the coal furnace fittings that too heavy factory produces for a long time, price privilege.

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