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Machinery of Zi Bo Jinshun creates limited company
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Machinery of Zi Bo Jinshun creates limited company, the king that is located in world short story - - the birthplace of Mr Pu Songling, north faces aid green road, all around highway of around the city, communication is easy, it is one is having machinery to make, riveting solder, container makes 30 old histories produce a business.

The company has a whole quality guarantee system and administrative system, have an abundant technical force, excellent production equipment and detect perfectly method, main facility: Roll, cut, equipment of solder of trigger, punch, drawing, mechanical riveting more than 70, gantry crane of ladle of smelting furnace of main production treatment, intermediate bag, dragon is ticked off, industry is gas produce furnace and product of all sorts of riveting weldment, container, cold punch, drawing and car to use receiver.

The company holds to around market demand, rely on unit of scientific research branch, brother, executive science and education begins the strategy of the factory, develop all sorts of products, insist to be like Mount Taishan of overweight of bearing, quality with the product, credit the first, the user is consummate, make the company grows ceaselessly expand.

Wang Shuzhong of company general manager, wish to cooperate with all circles friend, directive job comes before inviting all circles personage sincerely.

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