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Kang Tong of Han Dan city is gas equipment engineering limited company
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Kang Tong of Han Dan city is gas equipment engineering limited company, it is gas the major that produces furnace and boiler produces manufacturer. It is collect design, make, installation, maintenance, transform and groom serve an unit at the one continuous line of an organic whole, name enterprise of science and technology by Heibei province.

Company technology force is abundant, design, development capability is strong, introducing the heating of card of ” of “ Kang Tong that digests the development on foundation of domestic and international advanced technique model, wash bath heat boiler of water gas happening mixes gas happening furnace series product, classics is energy-saving the station that monitor and expert spot check, combustion efficiency is tall, do not have soot to discharge, achieve requirement of national environmental protection. Name business of mainstay of outstanding environmental protection by bureau of environmental protection of Han Dan city, have the honor to win certificate of achievement of science and technology of Han Dan city.

Kang Tong is gas produce furnace product to apply at machinery, forging, each domains such as heat treatment, chemical industry, pottery and porcelain, glass, heating furnace. Have good sexual value to compare the advantage with clean the sources of energy.

Hot water gas produces boiler product to apply to the unit heating such as industrial and mining enterprises, mechanism, organization, school, hospital, restaurant, hotel and communal bathroom, hot water that wash bath, drinkable boiled water, disinfection with. Use on the safe side, energy-saving effect is apparent, it is the replacement product that lights boiler of type coal fired continuously.

My company holds to “ quality the first, credit is consummate the principle of ” , serve for the user wholeheartedly. Incoming telegram of bearer of user of greeting all circles negotiates business.

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