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Seek gas happening furnace cooperates
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Company name: Hangzhou exceeds dragon labour trade limited company
Product value: The face is discussed
Management mode: Production / make
Company property: Finite liability company

Issue date: On August 17, 2007
Contact: (Gentleman)
Phone: 0571-86314600
Mobile phone:


Fax: 0571-86315366
Postcode: 311106
Address: Dwell of pond of area of Zhejiang Hangzhou Yu Hang presses down dragon hole (by 320 nations line)
Our company establish perfect after service mechanism, the unit that order all has on-the-spot guidance of personnel of our company technology during the product is debugged, groom freely to order an unit mount guard operates personnel.

Hangzhou exceeds dragon labour trade limited company is treatment of kiln of furnace of a professional industry that make, heat treatment, rolled steel the company of labour trade unifinication that helps silk. Found 1990, plant area area 18.4 mus, floor area 7500 square metre. The company is located in Hangzhou city Yu Hang district to exceed hill.

The company is built from dig since, act on “ honesty to do poineering work, the poineering spirit of scientific innovation ” , take product quality seriously, those who value a handsome appearance introduce, have independent, perfect examine branch, deserve what to contented quality asks examine equipment, have certain production to make administrative ability. To increase the quality awareness of faculty further, aggrandizement quality manages, the company is introduced in producing a course, carried out GB/T19001- - 2000 Idt ISO9001:2000 standards.

Heat treatment workshop has annealing furnace 3, year heat treatment crop 30 thousand tons, apply to all sorts of heat treatment treatment of wire and other rolled steel, the biggest anneal achieve 8M*4M*3.8M, rolled steel pulls filar workshop major to produce Leng Layuan steel and cold Dui wire, fang Gang, flat steel reachs all sorts of section. Machine norms φ6.5mm----φ32mm, offer a ball to change for cold Dui material reach processing of exterior phosphor saponification, diameter of the reel that pull silk 0.8 meters----1.2 meters, can make a delivery of the bag that reach cent, the product is used extensively at hardware tool, car standard component, fastener, metallurgy, spin gently, the industry such as machinery.
Furnace kiln produces a workshop 1500 much square metre, have engineer of technology of furnace kiln major 3, technical personnel 10, undertake designing, make, installation project.

Our company tenet: Quality the first, the user is consummate.

Welcome guidance of presence of all circles personage wholeheartedly!

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