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Sincere action is gas produce furnace representative
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Company name: Plant of facility of environmental protection of Zhejiang long Xing Renhua
Product value: The face is discussed
Management mode: Production / make
Company property: Finite liability company

Issue date: On August 17, 2007

Contact: (Gentleman)
Phone: 0572-6071660
Mobile phone:


Fax: 0572-6731660
Postcode: 313116
Address: Zhejiang governor promotes prefectural ox highway below 9 kilometers (by on gas station, elementary school of center of small riverside town is inclined on)

Zhejiang grows product of plant of facility of Xing Renhua environmental protection with excellent value modest, win the reliance of broad user, obtained certain social benefit to already old major produces the history, since building a plant, hold to “ quality from beginning to end principle of the first ” , my factory has the technical team of a high quality not only, and have make examine, monitored advanced equipment and development of one a complete set of, development, production, detect the regulations system of the product, ensure quality of my factory product is in the front row of countrywide congener product from beginning to end. Act on “ user the principle of consummate ” , my factory listens to user opinion and proposal in time, perfect oneself product stage by stage, those who make into become most product of gay of benefit from door.
The mixture that my company produces is gas produce heat its structure characteristic is: Grey dish use roll of worm wheel, worm, movement is stable and reliable; Automatic and wet successful, life grows cuttings pick-up; All of the coal measures on mechanization, double bell overspreads coal, the structure is simple, use reliable, sealed performance is good, be helpful for stability of operating mode of body of heater; Construction of comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb of prejudicial converter coming back is advanced and reasonable, effect of broken broken bits is good, and send wind even, water is covered have produce vapour to be able to satisfy aerification of body of heater and packing of explore fire aperture completely to use oneself, need not outside offer vapour; Body of heater and the canal that take wind, body of heater and ash dish, water all is set to seal between the canal that take wind and foundation, make gas furnace has reliable security and airtight property.
The development that mixes gas furnace supplied equipment of ideal form a complete set for all sorts of furnace kiln, make its are achieved discharge a standard, the pollution that risks black smoke unit to cause to processing has conclusive effect. It is to ensure urban air is clean, the idealest equipment of beautification city environment. This technology equips roll out got province, city, area the support of branch of various environmental protection, also be to solve blue sky project at present optimal way.
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