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Sincere action is gas produce furnace agent
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Company name: Industry of the grand in Zhengzhou heats technical limited company
Product value: The face is discussed
Management mode: Production / make
Company property: Finite liability company

Issue date: On August 17, 2007
Contact: (Gentleman)
Phone: 0371-68013968
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Fax: 0371-60132718
Postcode: 450053
Address: Road of Zhengzhou city college 14
Our company basically are engaged in industry heating the research and development of project and whole set of equipment, design, installation and debug, all technology personnel has substantial academic knowledge and practice experience, reach unit of relevant scientific research to long-term and good cooperation concerns with a lot of universities and colleges its heat cost is more economic than using phone 70% , save 40 ~ than fuel 60% , more economic than burning gas 30% . Use research and development of my company proper motion especially heat personal computer intelligence is lukewarm control a system, can undertake to heating installation data is collected remotely with hold accuse, great landlord user, get user reputably. In recent years, by worldwide the energy crisis inside, prices of all sorts of the sources of energy are quick go up raise, make the cost of the product raises considerably thereby. Personnel of my company all technology will be what you offer lowermost cost to heat wholeheartedly plan and whole set of equipment, make your product has market competition ability more. . In recent years, the HML set that my company develops is small-sized gas happening furnace, not only installation, operation is used go to the lavatory simply, and aerification efficiency is as high as 85% , those who realized coal is clean change use, of flue gas discharge reached a nation " soot of industrial furnace cellar discharges standard GB9078-88 " , satisfied all sorts of industry to use a requirement that low cost heats. Through the joint efforts of my company broad brainpower, realized HML series is small-sized gas happening furnace and the perfect union of all sorts of industry heating installation, gained rich practice experience from which, in making coal heats in industry, use came true to be changed completely, mechanization and automation, make its operation reachs natural gas to go to the lavatory euqally simply as using report, fuel, if use system of burner of appropriative of furnace of my company industry, lukewarm accuse precision to be able to amount to ±5° , temperature is inhomogenous degree can amount to ±5° .

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