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Seek gas happening furnace sewage disposal project cooperates
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Company name: Trade of 10 in relief classics limited company
Product value: The face is discussed
Management mode: Production / make
Company property: Finite liability company
Legal entity: 10 this world

Issue date: On September 5, 2007
Contact: Mr Zhou (gentleman)
Phone: 757-82890393
Mobile phone: 075783930393


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Address: Scene of benefit of buddhist the city zone 3 streets 44
My company basically pursues environmental protection trade, to gas happening furnace industry is not familiar with, hope can with gas happening the company ties in furnace industry is a partner, popularize this technology, equipment jointly. Collaboration can take a variety of kind, mutually beneficial double win the tenet that is us. My company should this locality the requirement of one ceramics works, with La Chao science and technology develops research and development jointly gas happening furnace sewage disposal equipment, fruit of devoted moving aftereffect is very ideal: Tar can be detached reclaim, the rest contains phenolic liquid waste to be able to be handled arrive at mark to discharge (cost is tallish) or the requirement that uses circularly, solved the difficult problem with long already worry for this factory.

Trade of 10 in relief classics limited company
Phone: 0757-82890393, 83930393
Fax: 0757-83930393
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Contact: Mr Zhou, Mr Tang

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