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Seek gas happening furnace project cooperates
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Company name: Changzhou city inferior east limited company of technology of kiln furnace environmental protection
Product value: The face is discussed
Management mode: Production / make
Company property: Finite liability company

Issue date: On August 17, 2007
Contact: (Gentleman)
Phone: 0519-3272964
Mobile phone:


Fax: 0519-3976335
Postcode: 213016
Address: Jiangsu Changzhou outer shroud on the west the ramp of a bridge of southeast of Lu Wuxing bridge China report building
Our company are a major the research that pursues industrial kiln furnace, design, make, installation, debugged high-tech is energy-saving environmental protection enterprise, judge for years continuously keep good faith to abide by contract unit, the company has brainpower of title of medium, advanced above more than 10, and know exactly about sth supports the construction army with superior technology.

Face the development space of industry of vast energy-saving environmental protection, my company will continue to set mode and the agile mechanism that have competition ability most with own intellectual property, optimal capital, wish to cooperate to contribute wisdom and force for environment of managing the sources of energy, protection jointly hand in hand with all circles people with lofty ideals.

Since the company holds water oneself, heat of kiln of combinative our country is virtual the current situation, the phase of your kind effort that designs a school to reach concerned unit greatly each in the whole nation is aided fall with collaboration, the high-quality goods of furnace of environmental protection kiln that acts on development to develop the high quality low specific power consumption that fits national condition is oneself, ceaseless pursuit and exploration, the company has product of multinomial country patent, the environmental protection that applies extensively at the industry kiln furnace such as mechanical, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials is energy-saving transform or build.

Our brand implied meaning: All directions together, protect the earth.

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