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Seek gas happening furnace project cooperates
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Company name: Machinery plant of China prosperous of city of state of look forward to
Product value: The face is discussed
Management mode: Production / make
Company property: Finite liability company

Issue date: On August 17, 2007
Contact: (Gentleman)
Phone: 0318-8662987
Mobile phone:


Fax: 0318-5255555
Postcode: 053200
Address: Machinery plant of China prosperous of city of state of Heibei province look forward to Ji Xindong road 104
What machinery plant of China prosperous of city of state of Heibei province look forward to produces equipment is a country, bureau of the environmental protection that visit town recommends a product, choose a product. Bear is worn town planning, construction, management and environment are monitored, the main task that pollutes processing. Environmental protection job should make urban environment punish, beautification city appearance; Urban road repair, perfect establishment of fundamental form a complete set; Market punish, normative booth advocate manage; Air pollution punish. This year is to contend for those who achieve a bureau of gardens city year, environmental protection bureau allotted establish gardens town leader group and executive plan, increase urban afforest to build working strength. Road of wide expense of my company facilities.
The engine of coal fired of industrial furnace kiln that my factory produces, chain furnace is discharged, gas happening furnace, gold of use Yu Ye, mine, electromechanical, chemical industry, light industrial, the steel rolling furnace of the industry such as building materials, forging furnace, annealing furnace, kiln, incinerator, rotary kiln, channel kiln, roller path kiln, of stoving kiln and 0.5-4T boiler change outfit form a complete set. Current, my factory already formed more complete scientific research — to design — to produce — construction — to debug system of one continuous line of — after service, and with good product, reasonable price, the exact time that offer money and all-around after service win the client's reliance.

My factory reposes in the city of ancient capital look forward to of the Heng Shuihu bank with pretty scenery, it is manufacturing production environmental protection the professional manufacturer of energy-saving equipment. Product of series of industrial furnace kiln gets since putting in the market the welcome of broad user, ever had the honor to win China to invent association letter early or late, chinese metal learns paper certificate, heibei saves a metal to learn paper certificate, progress of Heibei province science and technology is second-class award, heibei saves award of third class of achievement of science and technology.

This factory with the user the first, quality the first, credit the first, cooperate with broad new old user.

Wish our product tells the whole country, wish our friend alls over the world!
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